Hanadi Al Quraan
please help me with my home work ciao tutti come state :) I have to write about the relation between my family members and me and a description of them so I started by talking about my mother and I relationship (my mother and I are friends as long as I don't do anything to upset her she likes to keep control of everything she is very kind but on the same time she is a very nervous person and never mind everything I love her very much) my father (my father is a doctor and because of the he is a very busy person but he and I always make sure to keep up with eachother's news my father and I always watch football together although sometimes we have conflicts about which team is better but still I always enjoy a good partita con mio padre my father is very caring and although he seems tough from the outside, he is very nice and loving )
Oct 1, 2012 4:55 PM