Could you translate this to Hindi in your way ? In an easy understood able way Please ! this is Lyrics for a Song , I Want to Translate to Hindi . (( you leave me to live after you in Pain and Wounds )) (( Leave your hands my hands )) or (( you separate our hands ))
Oct 2, 2012 1:04 PM
Answers · 1
muzsay (from me) joodaa (separate / leave) hona / muzsay alwidaa kahanaa - muze meri jeendagi jinay do - let me live my life fir (after that) tum (you) dard (pain) may (in) hogi (female) / honge (male) mera (my) haath (hand) chod (separate) do (make / do) Above is the word to word translation i.e.. What do you wish to convey ? Do you want to say : You have given me deep pains, it will be very hard to leave you, and live my life ? Or don't leave me alone and don't be ever separated from me ? (Your wording is confusing though. It seems you have not correctly translated) However, it wont be enough to convey feelings. If it's in negative aspect, you may say : Muze jeendagi jine do, Muze mere haal par chod do,
October 4, 2012
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