what's the difference between 时候 and 时间?
Oct 2, 2012 5:04 PM
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时间 is the time by your clock or watch. 时候 is when something is happening . e.g. what is the time for the meeting ? 几点开会?(什么时间开会?) I was jogging in the park when you phoned me. 你给我打电话的时候,我正在公园里跑步。
October 2, 2012
Si utilizza 时候 per esprimere “quando","nel momento in cui" "mentre" "a quest'ora/a quell'ora"... Per esempio: Quando corro, ascolto la musica 当我跑步的时候,我听音乐 Mentre andavo al cinema, ho incontrato luisa. 当我去电影院的时候,我碰到了luisa Franco è arrivato nel momento in cui andavamo via. 当我们出门的时候,franco到了 Ieri a quest'ora pioveva ancora. 昨天这个时候还在下雨 时间, forse puoi usarla come "tempo" Per esmpio: Il tempo vola. 时间飞逝 Ci ho messo tanto tempo per finire questo lavoro. 我花了很多时间完成这项工作
October 4, 2012
时间 is longer than 时候.时候 means moment while, 时间 means "time" in general 时候 just like this:When I came back home,my mother was preparing dinner. 时间 for example:I finished this project in these 3 years.
October 4, 2012
时候 meas when ,it can be today ,tomorrow ,or other time ,but 时间,means the eactly time
October 3, 2012
时间's duration is shorter
October 3, 2012
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