what do you think of the differences of education between western and Chinese? how do parents in western countries educate their children? what is theie main idea of educating them?
Oct 2, 2012 5:11 PM
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Western patents generally think that children are born as independent individuals, who have their own independent intention and individuality. Whether parents, teachers or relatives and friends have no privileges to dominate and limit his behavior, in most cases, let children know that he or she is his or her own master and only he or she can control his or her fate. Even parents want to say something under some circumstances, they should be carefully considered in order to show their respects and understanding to children. However, in China, parents require children obedient and parents determine what their children should and what should not do. Children have no privacy. Western parents generally believe children have their abilities in self-learning and self-realization. Children should learn to do their own things from which they can get happiness, knowledge and skills. Parents don't take great pains to design children's future, but focus on their all development. Many Chinese parents have the opposite view - children's study is the most concerned thing for parents. Parents don't let children do anything except studying. In parents' eyes, studying is the only thing for their children to do so that they have little concern or even ignore independent living ability and social adaptation ability, mental health and moral sentiment and citizen consciousness and so on. From birth to adulthood, patents almost do everything for their children, such as cooking, washing, cleaning, saving money for children to college, go abroad and marry. Although parents do what is to want to make children happy, such family education is hard for children to get true happiness in children's eyes and is unbeneficial to cultivate overall abilities. Western parents pay more attention to the cultivating children's psychology. They concern about children's psychological need and spend more time on emotion exchange with children. However, Chinese parents pay more attention to physiological needs in daily life and little concern for exercising will and characters. To some extent, this family education leads to psychology bearing capacity is low.
October 8, 2012
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