"搬出去"和"搬出"有一样的意思吗? "搬出去"和"搬出"有一样的意思吗?
Oct 3, 2012 3:42 AM
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应该说它们的用法和结构不一样。 搬出+地点名字 e.g.他搬出朋友家了。 从......搬出去 e.g. 他从朋友家搬出去了。
October 4, 2012
搬出 and 搬出去 share the meaning of "moving out" in general. While there are some differences between them. 1 搬出+Object. this object represents the original place. eg. 他搬出他女朋友家,因为他们分手了。 He moved out from his girl friend's place, because they broke up. In this case, using 搬出去 is not correct. 2 搬出去+(到)+Object. this object represents more the destination place. eg. 他搬出去到他哥哥家。 He moved out and moved to his elder brother's place. 3 In oral expression, if only wanted to mention "move out" as an order.Saying “搬出去!!” is correct and enough while if you only said "搬出!“, I guess the audience would laugh. :D 4 搬出+O. means provide out, take out. While "搬出去" doesnt have such meaning. In this case, this object is more abstractly stuff. such as reason, excuse, explanation etc. For example, 每次他迟到,他总是搬出一大堆借口。 He always provide a lot of excuses when he is late. Hope this answer helps you. ;)
October 3, 2012
基本相同。almost identical .
October 3, 2012
i think they have the same meaning i am a native chinese speaker ,but my madarian is not good lol after all,not all chinese can speak chinese well ,what s more ,it is really difficult to chinese much harder than English
October 3, 2012
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