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What is your BEST way of learning spanish? Everybody learns in different way. To find a suitable technique requires research and testing. Therefore, i would like to know which is your BEST way of learning?
Oct 4, 2012 3:07 AM
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Hello! Yes,you are right,everybody learns in a different way. Spanish is my native language, I´m Uruguayan, but as my parents were Russian, at home we used to speak Russian. The more languages you learn,the easiest is the next one. But you have to make some effort, nothing will come to your mind just without any work . Thanks to all the new thecnologies, there are so many resources to learn a language,if you really want it will all your heart. Read short texts, if you like poetry,it´s a nice way of learning (for me), listen to songs,may be karaoke, write the words you don´t know and use the diccionary, but no Spanish-English, use a Spanish diccionary. Read the news in internet, and don´nt forget to learn grammar, it´s like the bricks of a wall.And find friends here in Italki,but make it clear from the beginning,that it must be a 50/50 language exchange. Cartoons, films also help. Try "Miss Tacuarembó", an uruguayan film with English subtitles.Of course we have better ones, but for a begginer,it may be useful. Every day, try to learn at least 10 new words,well,it depends on how quickly you want to be fluent. I would like to help you. Best wishes!
October 4, 2012
October 4, 2012
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