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"Quali scarpe porti stasera?" Why is "quali" is followed by scarpe in this sentence? Why not "scarpi"??
Oct 4, 2012 11:38 PM
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quale: singular for f. and m. names quali: plural for f. and m. names la scarpa: singular le scarpe: plural It is a noun, so it has only two forms! In quale casa ti piacerebbe abitare ? (la casa, f. s.) Quali canzoni vorresti ascoltare ? (le canzoni, f. p.) Su quale albero sei salito ? (lo albero, m. s.) Quali libri ti porterai in vacanza ? (i libri, m. p.)
October 5, 2012
Most Italian nouns that end in "a" are feminine and singular (there are exceptions, but MOST are f./s.). The plural of these nouns ends in "e". "Quale" is singular interrogative pronoun "which" for m. or f. nouns / "Quali" is the plural interrogative pronoun for "which" for m. or f. nouns Thus... Quale scarpa? (s.)....... quali scarpe?.. (pl.) - (Which shoe/which shoes?) Quale gonna? (s.) ....... quali gonne?.. (pl.) - (Which skirt/which skirts?) Quale torta? (s.) ....... quali torte?.. (pl.) - (Which cake/which cakes?) ecc.
October 5, 2012
Excuse me, please, for my interfering. I am not allowed to write a private message. Would you look at this inscription. I think it is written in Japanese but maybe in Chinese. Would you help to translate it?
October 5, 2012
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