How to say in hindi? I'm learning Hindi I'm eating I ate I'm drinking Idiot Can any one suggest me a site to download Hindi unicode/ Thank u in advance!
Oct 5, 2012 9:30 AM
Answers · 7
I'm learning Hindi = मैं हिन्दी सीख रही हूँ ( Main Hindi sikh rahi hun) I'm eating= मैं खा रही हूँ (Main kha rahi hun) I ate= मैं खा लिया ( Main kha liya) I'm drinking= मैं पी रही हूँ (Main pee rahi hun) Idiot= मूर्ख ( Murkh), बेवकूफ (bewakuf) रही हूँ = use for female रहा हूँ = use for male Yea, you can download the Hindi unicode through this site:- http://www.bharatdarshan.co.nz/hindi_font_downloads.html
October 5, 2012
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