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What are the most popular names in your country?
Oct 5, 2012 10:12 AM
Answers · 17
María ... for women José ... for men
October 5, 2012
Jose, Juan, Mary, John, Nene etc.
October 6, 2012
Dasha and Sophi for girls Danylo for boy
October 5, 2012
Marc...... and that's my own name.. :-( (I tried to write it in Korean here though.) If somebody shouts 'Marc' in the shopping centre or something, I do not even look anymore. May-be I should adapt a new name, may-be a nice Korean name?
October 5, 2012
In my country, " Somchai " for men / " Sudarath " for women :)
October 8, 2012
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