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Tony Robert Leo
Difference for "function" and "run" of usage. site an example,the probes functioned in the normal orbit,can I use the "run "instead of "function".Are they the same usage?
Oct 5, 2012 1:13 PM
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I think both of them can be used in this sentence. English language has many similar words and maybe each word of the similar group has a little bit differences,but still many words can be replaced by others. For example ,TEACHING,EDUCATION,SCHOOLING,When you write a letter or an email or do daily talk,I am sure you won't use same kind of words.When you write,you will use formal words while you write emails or talk you will use informal words.And different people use different words as there are educated people and uneducated people.Our teachers just want us to use more difficult words(long words)to show how much we have conquerred this language .
October 5, 2012
Tony Robert Leo
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