I know how to pronounce シャバドゥビタッチヘーンシーン, but what does the phrase mean? I've seen this phrase around and I can't seem to decipher it. I can pronounce it just fine though. Thank you! シャバドゥビタッチヘーンシーン
Oct 6, 2012 2:24 AM
Answers · 2
"Sha ba doo bee, touch! Heeeen Siiin!" (HENSHIN = 変身 = transformation). This pharse comes from a popular TV series in Japan that uses special effect ; "仮面ライダー ウィザード" . When the hero transforms himself, he uses the special belt. The belt itself talks "シャバドュビタッチヘーンシン” "ヒー、ヒー(火、火)" and so on :) After first air-play of this series this pharase became famous suddenly, and many people twitter with amusement!!
October 6, 2012
This is not not normal Japanese. This is creation word in action movies for kids my pronounce "Shabadoube touch henshin " shabadobe might be you might know Amercan cartorn sha-ba-do-be-do. and you just not pronounce cut off end word "do" then English word touch and then hen then shin( sin).
October 6, 2012
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