I am an uncle!.... anything my niece can call me by other than these names? I am wanting to teach my niece some Japanese early on (Konnichiwa, nansai desuka, ones age, numbers, ojiisan, niisan, honorifics, you know basic stuff), so I was gunna have her call me something like "rykuu-nii" or "rykuu-jii" you know, something cute like that. But then again, if I go by "jii" it will make me sound old (I have yet to hit 21 years of age), and I am seeing if there are other things for her to call me other than some weird morph of nii-san. So my question is, what other ways are there of saying Uncle in Japanese, and are there any other names/honorifics/nickname things that Japanese kids will use for Uncles? Thanks in advance, Rykuu
Oct 6, 2012 2:44 AM
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"Rykuu-Ojisan" is a basic and generall expression. As you mentioned, Rykuu-Oji (but ~oji is not popular) or Rykuu-Ojisan can be associated with a image of elder people. Rykuu-nii" sounds cute :) (I think ~ ani is not usual.) The best way is to have her call you what you like :P My cousin called also my mother "Onee-san (it's for younger female people, generally speaking)" or "Onee-chan" but "Oba-san. Acutually, my mom was already in the middle of 30's, but she wanted to feel young.
October 6, 2012
cool information. thanks
October 6, 2012
**jii = granddad. oji = uncle**
October 6, 2012
Point is How old is she. Age diffence Less than 5-10 years may call Oniisan, Ani, Ryuu-ani ,Rykuu-nii or your nick name can be. Nick name can be anyting. Age diffence More then 5-10 years may call Ojisan or Rykuu- oji is normal by the way Jii and On-Ji is use grand san called Grand father or The person looks very old from her
October 6, 2012
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