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about 'cope with' Does this phrase 'cope with' often be used in oral English? in what situation?
Oct 6, 2012 1:45 PM
Answers · 8
People do say it. Usually when it's something genuinely stressful that might need sympathy. Like abusive parents, exams, anxiety, etc. If it's something trivial, people generally use the phrase "put up with" or "to deal with". Especially if it's someone being an idiot or being a bit nasty.
October 6, 2012
Yes, we use it a lot. You can find its meaning in a dictionary.
October 6, 2012
"cope with" its not comes under literal english . but its mean---- "how to handle" or "how to tackle" or "how to deal with"
October 7, 2012
I've heard it quite often. Like "I don't get how she copes with her 2 children and her full time job" or "I'm affraid my son has a hard time coping with exam stress". It's a bit formal maybe, but used in oral English.
October 6, 2012
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