Chloe and Hank, etc, Jeffrey Archer's "False Impression": Jack rose to greet Tom, and apologized for having to drag him down to Wentworth when he could have been spending the evening with Chloe and Hank. Tom was explaining to Jack how Hank had scored a half century --- whatever that was -- when they were joined by the head waiter, who took their orders for dinner. They both chose steaks, but as a texan, Tom admited he hadn't got used to the English version that was served up looking like a lamb chop. "I'll call you through," said the head waiter "as soon as your table is ready" question: 1. what is "Chloe and Hank" 2. scored a half century 3. English version 4. call sb through thank you for your help,
Oct 6, 2012 2:03 PM
Answers · 3
Chloe and Hank are two people who are apparently two of Tom's friends - a woman and a man, respectively. In the game of cricket, a century is 100 runs (points) scored in one inning. A half century would be 50 runs. Jack is obviously American, because he doesn't know what that is. An Englishman would know immediately. Americans and the English cook steak (beef) much differently. The 'English version' would refer to steak the way the English would cook it and serve it. To call somebody through would mean basically to let the know that the table is ready and let them come through the crowd of other people that are waiting for tables.
October 6, 2012
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