Oleg Stepo
What does "the crowd surfing" mean? What does "the crowd surfing" mean in the "Live music" context? I've met the translation "обезумившая толпа" ("mad crowd"). But I am not sure that it is a proper translation. I tend to think it is more likely to be surfing across (over) a crowd instead water waves. Thanks in advance
Oct 7, 2012 7:16 AM
Answers · 2
Look up "crowd surfing" as an image (eg. Google images) and it's pretty clear. How would you describe that picture?
October 7, 2012
Crowd surfing, also known as body surfing, is the process in which a person is passed overhead from person to person (often during a concert), transferring the person from one part of the venue to another. The "crowd surfer" is passed above everyone's heads, with everyone's hands supporting the person's weight. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowd_surfing
October 7, 2012
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