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what is the difference between 'Listen' & 'Listen up' and 'Draw' & 'Draw up' ..?
Oct 8, 2012 2:55 AM
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"Listen!!" and "Listen up!" can both be commands (imperatives) in English. "Listen up!" basically means the same thing as "Listen" but is used to intensify the command "Listen!". It a more colloquial form and is generally used when more than one person is being told to "Pay attention to what I am saying, now!" EX: "Listen Mary, I want to tell you a story." EX: "Listen up, children! I want you to take your seats and read chapter 5 before noon." "To draw" is a verb that is used to denote the process of making a design, either on paper or on a computer. One draws with a pen, a pencil, or with a computer program (using a stylus, a mouse, etc.) EX: He drew three perfect circles on the paper. "To draw up" is a phrasal verb construction which refers to the process of gathering information and putting together a plan. EX: Last week he drew up plans for the next annual shareholder's meeting.
October 8, 2012
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