language learning process would you please explain this process for me? the process of language learning: input, noticing- recognizing, partner and rule making, use and rule modification, automating. Thanks in advance
Oct 8, 2012 9:32 AM
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This site has an excellent article on the language learning process http://www.melta.org.my/ET/1994/main1.html
October 9, 2012
input = hearing and seeing the language (i.e. reading and listening in any context). The more the better (note - output = producing the language i.e. speaking and writing) noticing = you don't just 'understand', you also see HOW the language is put together. e.g. 'depend' you see and understand, but do you see 'depend ON'. What else can you notice with 'depend'..... 'It depends on the person, the place, and the time." (with nouns in the singular we tend to use 'depends on the...' recognizing =....? I'm not sure. Perhaps first you 'notice', then the next time you see it you 'recognize' partner and rule making = ....? not sure - perhaps making learning partners and deciding on rules 'e.g. I speak English with my colleague at least 5 minutes a day' use and rule modification = ...? not sure. Perhaps seeing 'how' the language is used, and when the rules 'change'. e.g. 'It depends on love' - there's no 'the', so there is a change in the rule automating = the best thing :) You don't think about 'rules' or 'words' you just speak / write. People who have a lot of input and chance for output reach automation Summary - 2 fundamental rules 1 - Increase input as much as possible by listening / reading to a variety of texts / materials (more here http://aitonenglish.com/?p=1305) 2 - find a way to try and use the language in speaking and writing. e.g. via italki As you're listening / reading, pay attention to combinations of words (grammar or vocabulary) more here - http://aitonenglish.com/?p=1169
October 8, 2012
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