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This / That ? I like this-I like that I read this book- i read that book-how would be more right? When to use "this" and when to use "that"?
Oct 8, 2012 4:25 PM
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You most frequent use of 'this' is when, 1. The object you are talking about is near to you (e.g., you pick up a book and tell your friend "This is the book I read") 2. You are talking about something that has just happened or you are already talking about a particular behaviour (e.g., you tell your friend "Is this how you repay me for my friendship ? " or "This is not a good way to do things") You use 'that' generally when : 1. the object you are talking about is a little far off (e.g., "Do you see that star ?" OR "Do you know that person ?" OR you take a friend to a book store and pointing to a book on the shelf say " Have you read that book kept there" 2. You are talking about a thing that has already been introduced in the conversation.(e.g. you and your friend are talking about a book that you had read early morning and you say "That book was amazing. I have never read anything like that" These are some of the most used examples. The language is too huge for me to list all examples but I hope you have got a basic idea now.
October 8, 2012
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