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What does ''Arabian Nights'' mean??
Oct 9, 2012 9:48 AM
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"Arabian nights" is a series of south Asian folk tales and fairy tales. The original title was "1001 Arabian Nights" or "1001 Nights". It refers to a story where an Arab kink, having been betrayed by a wife, executed her and would marry one woman each day, then execute her, too, to repay all women for this on betrayal. One clever woman was chosen as is bride and spent their night of marriage telling the king a fascinating story, which she would finish the next night. The king wanted to hear the end of the tale, so he did not execute her. The next night, she ended the story, but began another one, so the king delayed the execution again. This went on for 1001 night. By the end of that time, the king had fallen in love with the woman and could not go through with the execution. She became his permanent queen. We say when something sounds like an exotic fairy tale that it sounds as if it comes from Arabian Nights,
October 9, 2012
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