using (simple past )without mentioning a specific time ? I'm trying 2 understand when 2 use the simple past & when 2 use the present perfect, but still can't get it .... I know that we should use the simple past when we mention a specific time but somtimes we use it without mentioning a specific time. If someone has just explained to me something right now. I can say: I didn't understand ? or I have not understood? but it seems that saying ( I didn't understand) sounds more natural & it's more used than ( I have not understood ) although according to the rule I supposed to use ( I have not understood ) . If my understanding is right, could u explain 2 me why is that? & could u give me more exapmles of using the simple past without mentioning a specific time in ur normal daily life. Hope u understand my question & thank u in advance !
Oct 9, 2012 5:35 PM
Answers · 5
Golden dune, Sometimes the simple past is used without a reference to time. . It is common to use the simple past this way in American English. By context the verb refers to the recent past. Even though the time is not mentioned the speaker or writer has one in mind. Examples: I just ate dinner. I already washed my car. What happened? (a minute ago) I lost my ticket. (recently) I didn’t understand. (what you just said)
October 10, 2012
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