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what is the meaning of the sentence? The revival of the militias has sparked concern that fighting in the North could devolve into ethnic violence and inter-communal score settling, as it did in the 1990s
9 Eki 2012 18:14
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Ethnic violence is not always racial. Ethnic groups often share the same racial background.
9 Ekim 2012
haha you translated it directly
9 Ekim 2012
The new growth of militias is making people worry that the fighting in the North will become nothing more than racially based violence. People within the same communities will be caught in circles of vengeance, trying to get justice for wrongs they feel were done to them. This had happened before in the 1990s.
9 Ekim 2012
复兴的民兵已经引起了关注,战斗在北下放的种族暴力和种族间的得分沉淀,因为它没有在20世纪90年代 its easy
9 Ekim 2012
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