What does means test mean The government had vowed to stand firm on requiring a means test for the 2000 dollars allowance for the city's poor
Oct 10, 2012 1:07 PM
Answers · 2
A "means test" is a way to decide whether an individual or family is entitled to financial help from the government. The test often includes checking someone's income, savings, and other financial assets. It is a controversial method of providing government benefits and not used in all cases. In the UK, child benefit is given to all families, even the wealthy, and a means test is not applied.
October 10, 2012
When governments hand out money to individuals for whatever reason, the individual must prove he needs the money. This involves giving information about what he earns and what he owns, amongst other thing. The government is testing his means (qualification for the payout). This is the means test. (means = 资料)
October 10, 2012
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