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What does he exactly express by " he called me Noncey Sinatra"? I am translating a show's subtitles into Chinese, this is the context of this sentence: 431 00:19:01,000 --> 00:19:03,039 他说过最脏的话是什么 What's the worst thing that he said? 432 00:19:03,040 --> 00:19:07,199 "你他妈的给我滚,你这个人渣" Oh, well, he said, er,"Fuck right off, you fucker!" 433 00:19:07,200 --> 00:19:09,439 是么 上次我泡了最后的一小包茶 Really? Well, I once used the last tea bag 434 00:19:09,440 --> 00:19:13,039 and Malcolm pushed me up against a wall and called me Noncey Sinatra - that seems tame. I don't understand the 434th sentence. And here is another similar translation question about the quotation of Fat Pat : 415 00:18:14,480 --> 00:18:18,799 - 你们在说Dan吗 - 是啊 Malcolm把他给...咔嚓咔嚓 - Dan? Dan Miller? - Yeah, Malcolm gave him a right old... K'cher! 416 00:18:18,800 --> 00:18:20,160 咔嚓? 派他去咔嚓咔嚓地数钱? He gave him a cash register? 417 00:18:20,161 --> 00:18:22,399 才不是呢 很明显是鞭子抽打的声音 No, that was me cracking a whip, plainly! 418 00:18:22,400 --> 00:18:24,800 我居然错过了 在哪的 Well, shame I missed that,where was, er, where was this? 419 00:18:24,801 --> 00:18:28,079 在后面的楼梯间 It was in the back stairwell. 420 00:18:28,080 --> 00:18:30,799 就在我办公室旁边 我居然没听到 That's right by my office.I'm surprised I didn't hear that. 421 00:18:30,800 --> 00:18:33,799 I mean, I can hear fat Pat's farts bouncing off the walls 422 00:18:33,800 --> 00:18:35,878 when she has to take the stairs if the lift's bust. I don't understand the 421th and 422th sentences. Thank you in advance~
Oct 10, 2012 1:45 PM
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散步的孩子, 434 Nancy Sinatra is a singer/ actress and the daughter of the famous singer Frank Sinatra. Nonce is a slang term for a person who has committed crimes of a sexual nature, particularly pedophilia, esp. in the United Kingdom. It comes from the acronym used in prisons to describe said individuals: Not On Normal Communal Exercise. Noncey ....means someone who is a NONCE Noncey Sinatra.....a name invented by Malcolm as an insult --------- 421 His office is so close that he hears Pat's farts bouncing off the walls. to expel gas from the intestine bounce off the echo off the walls 422 When she has to walk up or down the stairs when the lift (elevator) is bust (broken).
October 10, 2012
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