what does "returning"and "witty memo"mean? 【O'Brien heard the President muttering furiously, “Her winter clothes!” and asked sotto voce, “What's the story on the weather?” “McHugh must have averaged it out,” O'Donnell whispered. 'Til tell you later.” But Kennedy's spirits were returning. Holborn handed him a witty memo from McGeorge Bundy, requesting a two-week vacation at the end of January. He grinned and scrawled across the bottom of it, “Fine—I think it's time I left myself. JFK.”】 1.does "spirits were returning" mean "calm down"? 2. what is witty memo? 3.does "I think it's time I left myself" mean "I think it's time I am on my own?"or "I think it's time I was left alone"  "I think it's time I left myself"=i think it's time I take a two-week vacation, too. right?
Oct 11, 2012 2:02 AM
Answers · 5
spirits are returning = 他的精神恢復了,他的心情好了 witty memo = 聰慧的便簽 “I myself” 是強調他自己也想離開;(“我本人”)。也可以說 "I myself must leave", 意思一樣, 但不那麼好聽
October 11, 2012
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