Is this written or spoken? 日 I am curious if I say this or if I say a different word?.
Oct 11, 2012 9:11 PM
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either you are asking the difference between 日 and 曰 or the difference between the main meaning of 日and the slang meaning and there is no "i said the word" in Chinese language because -- there are too many omophones yet in this very case 日 is the only symbol for "rì" syllable
October 17, 2012
1 台灣的國語文教育 未曾將詞彙區分為書面語 與口頭語 許多文言詞彙仍以固定詞組方式保留至今 成語即是文言文改變形態後的殘留與應用 2 "日" 作動詞 作鄙語 在臺灣並不通行 推估 該是 方言 "入" 的訛音借用字
October 12, 2012
日 this word usually used with ohter words like 日本(japan).纪念日(anniversary).This word also frequently uede network language ,If you used this alone ,it became derogratory term in some context.
October 12, 2012
sometimes it has a bad means
October 12, 2012
日 also we use this to means days.combination with other means a 日本(japan).纪念日(anniversary)and so no.日 as a spoken language means damn.
October 12, 2012
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