Dmitry Anykeen
What does it mean? Please help me understand what does mean these phrases :"Here we go" and "Here it comes" Thanks.
Oct 12, 2012 10:55 AM
Answers · 3
"Here we go" - в маке или другом магазине, или кафе, означает - "Вот, нате!", "Держите!" в других местах - "Поехали!" или "Погнали!" "Here it comes" - "ну вот началось (опять)" или "Давай выкладывай (че там у тебя по тексту)"
October 12, 2012
"Here it comes" is used when something is coming. That's pretty much it. There is nothing more to it. Maybe you are throwing something to your friend and just to warn him you can say. "Hey, here it comes.". Maybe be you just ate and tell your friend, "Oh I am gonna burp." Right before you burp, you can say "Here it comes." and then burp. I know it is a weird example. Now, "Here we go." can be used in different ways. Maybe you are about to get on stage and as final words, you can say "Here we go." In this case, it literally means you are going (on stage and perform) Your parents might be about to give you a lecture, and in an irritate and sarcastic tone you can say, "Here we go (again). " Really doesn't have any specific meaning. Just depends on context.
October 12, 2012
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