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What do you think about Chinese girl
12 de oct de 2012 14:38
Answers · 5
Chinese girls - some observations: shy - modest - tradtional - good-hearted - family-orientated - sometimes insecure - value company of friend/friends rather than on own - loyal - value someone who keeps word/discretion - self sacrifice for the greater good - punctuality - fixed views - difficulty/reluctance to express personal views - value dignity/loss prestige/reputation - will go out of her way to avoid disputes/conflicts/likely to cause embarrassment - demure externally - face up to adversity but with hope in her heart
29 de Mayo de 2013
I think they are very nice and sweet.
17 de Diciembre de 2012
Hehe...Very cute...don't worry about such things.
12 de Diciembre de 2012
I think it is a very good question.
12 de Diciembre de 2012
This is not a wise question.
12 de Octubre de 2012
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