Xu Mengwen 徐梦雯
An English problem... :P Unit 5 is ____ (the/a) most difficult lesson,but it isn't ____(the/a) most difficult one in Book Nine. Help me,plz,and tell me why :P it really makes me messy lol
Oct 12, 2012 4:02 PM
Answers · 7
It's "a", then "the". 雲小泉 is right, this is fairly tricky grammar and you cannot follow the simple rule for superlatives here. If you use "the" both times, you have a nonsensical sentence (it's the most difficult but... it's not??). If you had something else to compare unit 5 to (instead of book nine), then you could use "the" both times.
October 13, 2012
Unit 5 is the most difficult lesson,but it isn't the most difficult one in Book Nine. Only one lesson can be the "most difficult", and so we use "the". When comparing things, we use "the" (definite article) - for example, "the red car is the most expensive",
October 12, 2012
a, the This is very advanced grammar. The use of "a" before "most" is a bit tricky. I suggest improving other stuff first. Like "plz". We just don't write that, and contrary to popular belief, it is NOT cool to do so. Also begin sentences with capital letters. Advanced stuff is tricky if the intermediate stuff is still messy.
October 12, 2012
中国人- -.,,,还没睡啊- -
October 12, 2012
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