Sange Saboor I would like to restart again with a thing I tried several months ago. It works like the following: I post here some verses of this iranian song that i love (mohsen chavoshi's song Sange Saboor)) and my iranian friends could help me with the translation word by word first and then with the final meaning. Right? Thank you in advance. Let's go: Sange Saboor rafighe man sange saboore ghamham be didanam bia ke kheili tanham rafigh-e (i think it's an ezafe) - friend (of) man - mine sange saboor - (persian idiom) ghamhaam - be - didanam - biaa - ke - kheili - very daaram -
Oct 13, 2012 9:21 PM
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rafigh-e:comrade man:mine(but in translation you should use"my". for example"my comrade" sange saboor is someone who you feel free to talk with them about everything especially about your pains and sorrows.such a person is confident. ghammam: my sorrows be: this is a preposition and has no meaning. didanam:didan+am=visit+me,so it should be translated as"visit me" biaa: come ke:it means 'because','as','for' kheili:so tanham:alone man hamen alan daram in ahangoo goosh ahang mano yade yekasi mendaze ke alan inja nist.rasti baram jaleb bood to ham in ahangoo goosh midi:)
October 13, 2012
rafighe man:"my friend" sange saboore ghamham:"the stone of my sorrows" be didanam bia he kheili tanham:"come over cause I'm so lonely"
October 13, 2012
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