who want to talk with me in MSN? I just want to talk with someone in English to improve my English in MSN.If you want to learn Chinese, maybe I can help you. I will be pleasured to be your friend!
Oct 14, 2012 11:58 AM
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I can talk with u! add me ;)
November 1, 2012
There are many Italki groups for learning English. Here are 2 groups for Chinese speakers learning English: To improve your English Group: Click onto: English Writing Group: Italki English Skype Chat group Italki Skype Conversation Club
October 15, 2012
Richard thanks for your guidance!
October 14, 2012
Beshany... I read your statement and I want to offer two suggestions regarding what you wrote. 1 In the first sentence it would be better to write "in MSN" with "on MSN". Also, it would be better to place "on MSN" closer to the verb "talk" rather at the end of the sentence. So, the re-written sentence would look like "I just want to talk with someone in English on MSN to improve my English." This makes the sentence look like "I want to do something... somewhere... for a purpose or reason = do something/somewhere/why. For example, "I wanted to offer my suggestions to you to help you improve." 2 "I will be pleased [NOT pleasured] to be yor friend." The word "pleasured" means that someone will do something for you that pleasures you, for example (e.g.) "He pleasured his girlfriend by rubbing her tired feet".
October 14, 2012
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