How to use ''devil"
Oct 14, 2012 3:35 PM
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"devil" almost always won't appear in a sentence unless it is used in an idiom. Here are some idioms of the English language using the word "devil". 1) the devil makes work for idle hands ->> if a person is not busy he will do evil things 2) the devil you say --> that is amazing, how about that, you don't say 3) a devil of a --> an extreme example of a 4) between the devil and the deep (blue) sea --> between equally unpleasant alternatives 5) give the devil his due --> to acknowledge the ability or success of even a wicked or unpleasant person 6) go to the devil --> to fall into bad habits; degenerate morally: used also in the imperative as an expression of anger or annoyance 7) play the devil with --> (Informal) to cause to go awry; upset 8) raise the devil --> to conjure up the devil --> (Informal) to make a commotion or have a boisterous good time 9) the devil! --> (Informal) an exclamation of anger, surprise, negation, etc.: often in such phrases as the devil you did!, meaning "did you really?"€ 10) the devil to pay --> trouble as a consequence For more information and examples, visit this link:
October 14, 2012
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