I'd be grateful for recommendations about Chinese rock music. 谢谢!
Oct 14, 2012 9:14 PM
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October 15, 2012
Der vollständige chinesischen Rockmusik.alles da:http://music.baidu.com/search/tag?key=%E6%91%87%E6%BB%9A Individuelle empfohlen:http://music.baidu.com/artist/1490 Dringend empfohlen:http://music.baidu.com/song/5966719 Kann ich empfehlen, einige gute Deutsch lernen Methode?
October 15, 2012
I think same as German rock, English rock. Chinese rock has different certain styles, I think you need to list out some of your favor western rock singer, and the people can introduce you some Chinese band to satisfy your preference. If you like independent mixed with a little bit pop a little bit similar style with Belle and Sebastian, then you can find these two Chinese bands on fm.com: 1)car sick car; 2)hedgehog.
October 15, 2012
oh Chinese rook music.but Chinese rock is not very good I think Wang Feng(汪峰)‘s song is stand for Chinese rock music He's song :1. 花火 2 春天里 3 怒放的生命 4 北京北京 5 飞得更高 6 彼岸 Other guy is Xu Wei(许巍)He's song :蓝莲花 And we have a singer called James Lin(林宥嘉) although he is a pop singer . he have a song is very rock . the song called Runaway Mama these is all i know , wish you like it ^ ^
October 15, 2012
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