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What is the meaning of このご縁? I got it in an email. It seems like beginning for some kind of greetings but my dictionary doesn't give a clue. The full sentence is: このご縁、心より感謝いたします(^^)
Oct 15, 2012 3:51 AM
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It is read as Japanese Follows :" KONO GO EN KOKORO YORI KANSHA SHIMASU " and mean may change after what after this sentence but means: I am glad to meets you explain word by word この= This  ご縁≒ meet ( God(Buddha) give a chance to send down a person for me) こころより=from deep may heart 感謝いたします= Thanks you . It become above mean. therfore you are thinking right is one way of greeting.   
October 15, 2012
Hi Kimio It's a very polite expression, saying in easy word, "Glad to see you", I soppose. It's so difficult to traslate English to Japanese directly. (sorry my English isn't so good) 縁 means relationship or chance between peoples, plaeces, and everything. In this case it says the chance of meeting / knowing each other, the chance of between you and the person who sent that mail. And we use ご before nouns to express courtesy, sometimes we use お, depends on the nouns. Hope it helps you.
October 15, 2012
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