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这个题材的英语小作文怎么写? 请根据下面的提示,写一篇英语短文。 lambert一家打算到大连去度假。他们准备在那里待上一个星期,他们计划去海里游泳,去品尝可口的海鲜喝一些当地的美食,还希望交上新朋友。大连很美,天气也很好,他们将在那里度过一个轻松愉快的假期。
Oct 15, 2012 10:16 AM
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lambert一家打算到大连去度假。他们准备在那里待上一个星期,他们计划去海里游泳,去品尝可口的海鲜喝一些当地的美食,还希望交上新朋友。大连很美,天气也很好,他们将在那里度过一个轻松愉快的假期。 The Lambert family is planning to go to Dalian for vacation. They are making plans to stay there for one week. There, they plan to go to swim in the ocean, sample some of the local cuisine (或food), and they also hope to meet (some) new friends. Dalian is very beautiful, and the weather is great. They will (surely) have a relaxing and happy vacation.
October 16, 2012
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