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How can I remember very difficult english words? I always can't remember those very longer and very complex english words, could you tell me how I should remember them? What ways?
Oct 15, 2012 12:19 PM
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I do not learn ENGLISH words, but in general what I do is I speaking them into my mobile phone, then write them on a paper. Then if I have a spare minute, I put my headphone on and read it together with the paper. For example waiting for the train, any time you wait for something. You hear and read the words several times a day, on moments that were otherwise void anyway. It's effective and efficient. I do this with German words or Korean words. English I already know. :-)
October 16, 2012
I usually find that breaking down the word helps a lot in those cases. If you can break it into many smaller words I find it becomes much easier to understand the word and remember it. Usually large English words consist of many root or base words thrown together. Such as, Antidisestablishmentarianism. If you break that word down, you have many words within it that each have their own seperate meaning, but it is more about the placement and order of the root or base words that give the word its meaning (unless of course it is a scientific term, which these words usually derive from latin.) establish to set up, put in place, or institute (originally from the Latin stare, to stand) dis-establish to end the established status of a body, in particular a church, given such status by law, such as the Church of England disestablish-ment the separation of church and state (specifically in this context it is the political movement of the 1860s in Britain) anti-disestablishment opposition to disestablishment antidisestablishment-ary of or pertaining to opposition to disestablishment antidisestablishmentari-an an opponent of disestablishment antidisestablishmentarian-ism the movement or ideology that opposes disestablishment
October 15, 2012
first break that word- like word---"onomatopoeia" break this like- ono-mato-poeia, (which is easy for you two sound, then understand their right "sound",pronunciation, and then try to use them in different sentences , then you will find that you remember them easly, goodluck :)
October 15, 2012
Hi Juliana, for learning, there are flashcard programs out there that you can use on your home computer and also via internet. "Anki" for example. However, I think the only way to remember more complicated words is to create a need to use them. Say and write whatever you can in English. Messages, diary, notes you take during the day. Studying should be fun, so don't let yourself get confused. If you use one of those words 10 or more times in a context that makes sense to you, they will stick.
October 15, 2012
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