A question of "un po'". 1.Capisce persino un po' il dialetto venetto. 2.Respira un po' d'aria fresca. Why the former one has the article,the latter one does not has? Grazie.
Oct 15, 2012 5:27 PM
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1.Capisce persino un po' il dialetto veneto. 2.Respira un po' d'aria fresca. The answer is simple: the first sentence is uncorrect, although you could find it written in a newspaper or elsewhere. The sentence you wrote could be correct in some dialectical forms, but not in pure italian. But isn't so simple to explain it to a not-native speaker! Maybe you don't know that "un po' " is the contracted form of "un poco" (a little, a bit). In a sentence where you use "un po' " referring to an object (so after writing un po' you have to answer to the question "un po' (a bit) of what?) you must start the next preposition with the preposition "di" (or d', if the next word starts with a vowel). Some examples: - Vorrei un po' d'aranciata (I'd like some orange juice) - Giovanni parla un po' di francese (Giovanni speaks a bit of french) - Ho letto un po' di libri (I have read some books) But if you use "un po' " and then you put an adjective or an adverb, you don't have to write any preposition. For example: - Mi sento un po' meglio (I feel a bit better) - Andrea ha agito un po' precipitosamente (Andrea has acted a bit hastily) - La tua gonna è un po' corta (your skirt is a bit short) Therefore, the correct sentence is: "Capisce persino un po' di dialetto veneto." In bocca al lupo! :)
October 16, 2012
I was trying to give you an answer, but in spite of the fact that I'm Italian mother tongue i don't know how can i reply to you.
October 15, 2012
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