Can you tell me what ' FOOD COURT' mean? Sorry to all, but i don't undestand the meaning of the word 'Food Court' ... Can you explain me what does it mean, please?
Oct 15, 2012 5:53 PM
Answers · 7
It is a place, usually in a shopping center or mall, where many fast-food restaurants are located around a group of tables and chairs. You choose your food, buy it, then sit in the common area to eat it.
October 15, 2012
A food court is an area, such as a section of a mall or an alleyway, in which vendors sell food at stations about a common eating space. It is an area, as in an enclosed shopping center, with fast-food stalls surrounding tables and chairs for common use. They are most common in big shopping malls and serve as a common place for people to eat something :)
October 15, 2012
Hi there, Food court refers to the place where multiple food stores are located. Often these are found in shopping centers. I'm hungry, let's go eat at the food court!
October 15, 2012
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