It's hard or easy ?? it's hard to learn korean or easy ?? and can you give me a littel of information for this amazing language ?
Oct 15, 2012 8:37 PM
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I have only been learning for a couple months, and I don't really know enough vocabulary to keep up a conversation. But I will say that Hangul is a very nice writing system. I was able to learn the alphabet in about a week and really get it down in around two weeks. So I guess that could be a reason it is easier compared to other languages. It definitely helps to be able to easily read and write in the language you are learning.
October 15, 2012
Not at all! It really depends. I don't know much about Arabic, so I'll explain this from an American person's view. For me, learning English at first was SO difficult. Grammar was mainly the problem. Korean and English grammar is totally different. I myself feel Korean is a LOT more simpler, but as an English speaker I think it can be weird to get rid of your old habits too. Korean doesn't have to use things like "A cookie, or The cat." We just say "Cookie, Cat" Also in Korean, I'm guessing you already know, but we do not say "I like school" and instead we say "I school like" or just "School like".....when I write it in English it looks really stupid and complicated, but as you study it will make more sense. What else...OH YA. In Korean, the whole sentence can change on WHO your talking to. I guess there are three catagories, totally informal, neutral, and formal. For example, the word Thank You. If you are talking to your boss or an old lady, you would say "Kamsahamnida" but you would probably never say that to a baby. It's not the noun that changes though, it's the verb part that changes. Don't worry though, once you pass that one building block like I had, everything just comes easier. And trust me, Korean is so simple. If I learned English, you can learn Korean. P.S. I've heard somewhere that Korean and English accents are different. English depends on accents. For example, "*I* like you", "I *like* you", "I like *you*" The accent on one word can change the whole way the message is given, right? In Korean...not really. That's why when Koreans learn to speak English, it is said that they sound monotone. But when English speaking people learn to speak Korean, they accent really weird things and it sounds really silly. Just a fun fact lol
October 15, 2012
It's very easy. But also super hard. I hope my answer helped!
October 15, 2012
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