two questions~~~ 【The more Ralph Yarborough thought about it, the more wrathful he became. He tuned up his great organ of a voice, and his Texas drawl thickened marvelously. "Everywhere" came out "ahverwhare," "thing" "thang," "right" "raht," something" "sawmthin," "your" "youah," "you" "yew." Rustic vernacular crept into his speech until it became almost as alien as Jacqueline Kennedy's Spanish. Connally and Johnson—for he held the Vice President guilty as a co-conspirator—were as black as a Republican heart. 】 1. in "for he held the Vice President guilty as a co-conspirator", who is "he ?" is it the angery Yarborough? 2. what does "were as black as a Republican heart"mean?Well, the fear-makers had chosen parlous times to mobilize a political Wehrmacht. He was no longer a starry-eyed country boy from a kindly Texas hearth. He'd been a judge in the Lone Star's Third Judicial District; he'd been a United States Senator for six and a half years, and he was going to rear back and come out fighting. In the end ahverthang would be fine. the above passage is the following text. I still have no idea about that "black heart"
Oct 16, 2012 10:47 AM
Answers · 4
...Johnson—for he held the Vice President guilty as a co-conspirator—... 'he' is "johnson". this is a typical way to add more information about a person mid sentence using two hyphens (-). I dont clearly understand what "black"signifies here as a colour. Maybe they are angry because of the speech. The sentence after that may have been helpful to establish the context :)
October 16, 2012
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