How to translate the following Chinese sentences into English better? help me,please. 我不确定自己能用多少时间把你忘了,也不敢保证我就能真的把你忘了。我只能像现在这样,不悲不喜,不吵不闹,安安静静地与你,再无交集……
Oct 16, 2012 1:10 PM
Answers · 1
我不确定自己能用多少时间把你忘了,也不敢保证我就能真的把你忘了。我只能像现在这样,不悲不喜,不吵不闹,安安静静地与你,再无交集…… I'm not sure how much time will I spend to erase you from my memory, nor can I guarantee that I would really get you out of my mind. Much I can do for the present is to stay calm and become reasonable, waiting silently to see our story come to an end.
October 16, 2012
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