What does this mean? Qu'est-ce que ce dit? <<Au fond, chacun de nous a tout à la fois du bon et du méchant en soi.>> ___ Does this mean: "Bottom line, each person sometimes has a good and bad self?"
Oct 18, 2012 3:45 AM
Answers · 7
actually, everybody is a bit dr Jekill and Mr Hyde. really, everybody has two faces good and evil.... Does your sentence have a sense in English.
October 18, 2012
"In us all there are two separate sides That which is evil and that which is good Some people live by one side and others by the second Both of them have a little bit of the other But it must remain clear that the two depend on each other Remember, evil is a part of the good and not the opposite There is no sadness without joy and there is no joy without pain" The Evil Urge - Orphand Land
October 19, 2012
Your translation was not bad. I would change it for "bottom line, we all have a part of us/our heart that's good/nice and a part that's bad/mean/evil"
October 18, 2012
"Qu'est-ce que cela veut dire" à la place de "qu'est ce que ce dit"? c'est vrai mais on essaye toujours de faire parraître le bon en soi. n'est-ce pas? a_a
October 18, 2012
yes ! not sometimes ,but forever!
October 18, 2012
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