Hello! Can you ask me is it right? Hi! If you don’t mind, let me introduce myself. I am a good humored, optimistic, friendly & gregarious guy. I like creativity and appreciate this trait in others. I have two educations – secondary (programmer) and higher (psychologist) but work as a graphic designer in a trade company. I’m learning English for communication with people of different nations and cultures around the world, for understand the books and movies in their original language & simply for broadening of mental outlook. My current level of English is Intermediate but last six months I didn’t have any conversation practice. I am married since 2010 year and I’m very happy in wedlock because my beautiful wife is the best woman which I ever known. I think that Inner beauty is more important than a physical one but she has both. So I believe in true love and I wish everyone to taste this amazing feeling. It’s one of the greatest experience in life. I like lots of things: * Outdoor games (badminton, frisbee) and sport (bicycle, roller skates, workout on horizontal & parallel bars, etc.); * Singing and playing guitar; * Drawing and making models of clay, snow, plasticine, sand; * Reading books and articles (generally science fiction, fantasy, modern & classic prose, popular science books, psychology & esoteric); * Listening to music (good songs of all of genres); * Watching movies (documental, comedies, animation, dramas, adventures, fantastic and thrillers); * And my favorite hobby is meeting interesting, good, wise people. I dislike a few things: outrageous lie, envy, gossip, perfidy, ignorance, prejudices & TV (as a place of their maximal concentration) That’s all. Thank you for attention!
Oct 18, 2012 5:22 AM
Answers · 2
Hello WiseFish! Your introduction is very interesting. If you'd like to have your English corrected (although it is very good!) then it might be best to copy this onto the notebook page, and someone can correct it there. Anyway, very good luck with improving your English!
October 18, 2012
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