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What is the meaning of your name....? Every body has their Beautiful names ,actually i just want to know about the meaning of their names.. If you know then please comment . lets see how many people know about their names....
18 Eki 2012 06:00
Answers · 16
Mine actually uncertain, which is strange because it is VERY popular. My favorite meaning that I have found is from a source that claims my name means "rival". As I have a twin brother, I find this appropriate.
18 Ekim 2012
Jura means the sea in Lithuanian.
18 Ekim 2012
Snizhanna - means snowy girl.
18 Ekim 2012
Jacky is a hong kong pop singer's English name, his chinese name is zhangxueyou, because I like his songs very much.
18 Ekim 2012
Zhanna means paradise if you speak arabic
24 Ekim 2012
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