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what was the longest flight you have been on? Does this mean how long was the lngest flight ?
18 ott 2012 10:47
Answers · 3
Information (from where to where and possibly even the time taken) about the longest flight that you have taken in your lifetime is what the question wants to know :) You can answer it with something like : The longest flight I have been on was one that I took last december from China to USA. It took me 24 hours to reach my destination. (Not necessarily true, just an example)
18 ottobre 2012
over 30 hours,from China to Brazil
18 ottobre 2012
what do you mean with ingest? I think your first question means what is the longest time you have been in an airplane. For example from Europe to Australia is around 24 hours flight, this is what a consider a long flight :)
18 ottobre 2012
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