BTOB's ' 사랑밖에 난 몰라 " .... I was listening to BTOB's ' 사랑밖에 난 몰라 " when I came acrossed a portion "12시 5분 막차를 기다리며 보내기 너무나 아쉬워 ' - I'm confused as the subbed vid on youtube and most lyrics providing blog translated it to " As we waited for the last bus at 11:55 pm .... " . What I can translated by myself is, " As we waited for the bus/train at 12:05 pm, letting you go was saddening" or can you help me translate the line for me thoroughly? .. Thank you so much..
Oct 18, 2012 3:48 PM
Answers · 3
I think your correct!!! 12시 5분 막차를 기다리며 - As we waited for the LAST bus/train at 12:05 pm(X)AM ^.^
October 18, 2012
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