Do these each two mean the same? (prescriptive& authoritative, prescriptive&normative) Do each two in 1 mean the same as well as in 2? telling people what should be done 1.prescriptive methods of teaching/ authoritative methods of teaching (linguistics) telling people how a language should be used, rather than describing how it is used 2.a prescriptive grammar of English/normative grammar of English OPPOSITE descriptive I'd be grateful if you give me yes or no answer to 1, 2. If not, can you give me explanation as "~% the same"? 1.prescriptive methods of teaching=authoritative methods of teaching. yes? ~%? no? 2.2.a prescriptive grammar of English=normative grammar of English. yes? ~%? no?
Oct 18, 2012 3:53 PM
Answers · 1
Hello! Your understanding is correct, but the percentage question is a little confusing. I think the writer is trying to ask about the overlap of these two concepts, and asking you to express this overlap in a percentage...which seems almost impossible to do! By the way, I can think of "prescriptive" as related to a "prescription" that is written by a doctor, telling you to take a medicine.Would you like to discuss this more? If so, I will think about it and answer again! :)
October 18, 2012
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