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情况,情状,情境,状态,势态,局面,气候 都有什么区别? I don't know in when to use each word as they all mean, "situation". Can you please explain when each word is best used.
Oct 19, 2012 9:16 AM
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情况means a condition or fact that affects a situation. Under the circumstances(情况) (eg because the price offered was too high), Jenny felt unable to accept the offer.在这种情况下(价格过高),Jenny感到无法接受这个报价。 Both情状and 状态mean the state of affairs. Besides,情状present the scene which happened at a particular time and in a particular place. 情状is often used in written language. When talked about her mother’s state(情状) in the hospital, she cried. 当说起母亲在医院的情状,她哭了起来。 He is not in a fit state(状况) to drive. 他身体状况不好,不适合开车。 情境means the situation in which something happens or the group of conditions that exist where and when something happens. teaching situation 教学情境 situation of play戏剧情境 势态is often used in formal situation. The situation of forestry industry in our province is optimistic. 我省的林业产业势态良好。 局面 is more formal than 情况。 Measures must be taken to meet the situation. 必须采取措施以应付这种局面。 气候means climate. What’s the weather like today? 今天天气如何? Hope this helps.
October 19, 2012
1 情况qing2 kuang4,it mainly means “situation ,condition”, below examples are the normal usages. Examples: 我们要面对面的研究一下这种情况。We should discuss the situation face to face. 在任何情况下,我都不会同意你的意见。I won’t agree with you in any situation. 2情状qing2 zhuang4=情形qing2 xing2 We don’t use 情状 very often either, so you could use 情形 instead. The usage of 情形 is similar with 情况. 3情境qing2 jing4, the synonym of this word in Chinese is like情景qing2 jing3。Although it also means “situation”, we don’t use 情境very often. As for me, I prefer to use 情境 in some literature sentence. Example: 在这种情境下,”同意”这个词用在这更好. This word “同意” will be better to be used in this situation. Besides,情景,it means situation, but also contains “scene” , kind of like a picture. Example: 情景喜剧sitcom 4 状态zhuang4 tai4 =state, you could use状态 on your mood 情绪状态or physical state.身体状态 Example: 他处于异常焦虑的状态。He was in a state of great agitation. 5势态 shi4 tai4,(the synonym is 事态the affair situation) this word is usually used on military or political situation so maybe you could only hear this two words in some news. You could say: 势态/事态 恶化 6 局面ju2 mian4 6 局面ju2 mian4,the synonym of this word is 形势,both mean “situation ,or state”. Examples: 我们正处於一种全新的局面。We're into a whole situation. 这样的局面对我们来说是不利的。This situation is unfavorable for us. 7 气候qi4 hou4 =climate, I think this word is quite different from the above words, so it will be easier to understand how to use. Basically, it just like the meaning of “climate” ,which means that weather averaged over a long period of time. Example: 你会很快习惯这里的气候的。You will soon get accustomed to the climate here. 北京秋天的气候变化无常。The climate of Autumn in Beijing is capricious. In addition, we always use 情况、情形、情景、状态、气候 in our daily life, and rarely use 情境、情状、事态、势态、局面, since they will be better used in an official or specific way. BTW, all of PIN YIN are summarized for you, I will write them down together : 情况qing2 kuang4、情形qing2 xing2、情景qing2 jing3、状态zhuang4 tai4、气候qi4 hou4、 情境qing2 jing4、情状qing2 zhuang4、事态shi4 tai4、势态shi4 tai4、局面ju2 mian4
October 24, 2012
I look them up in English dictionary, I'm so surprised if you want to explain some words, you must use some simimlar meaning words, and sometimes they are the cycle explaination. But sometimes it is not likely that. 情况more likely means condition, maybe it pocesses the most basically elementary meaning. I think, condition, it has several meaning in English and it is different to Chinese words, although they have similar meaning) 情境situation, many 情况 be given and they form a distinct invironment, that is context. 状态state(use condition in the explain), so it is more basical word than 情况. It will include more primary information, and they can form a bigger word, such as 势态局面even 情况 势态situation, have some predicted meaning within it, it must include the judgment. 局面situation, a entirety of all kinds of information as an static state, it also needs be judged. 气候something like 势态局面, the environment of a long period, it is suitable for doing something or not, something become inevitable,but it also could mean starting from a 势态 and get a good result. 情状, include情境,状态, but the former has more propotion than the later, it be used to describe the things happened between the people.
October 20, 2012
October 19, 2012
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