Am I using 每天全天 correctly? Please correct my Chinese. 我每天全天想关于他。 I think about him all day, every day. Do I need to use 都 in this sentence? Does 想关于mean "to think about"? Thanks for you help.
Oct 19, 2012 11:33 AM
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I think about him all day, every day. 我每天都想着他。 It is ok.
October 19, 2012
think about不能直接翻译成“想关于”,这不符合中文习惯,翻译成“想念、想着、想、思念”就可以。 虽然all day可以翻译成“整天、全天”,every day可以翻译成“每天”,但“all day,every day”不能翻译成“每天全天”,这也不符合中文习惯。但可以翻译成“每分每秒、每时每刻、时时刻刻、整日整夜、无时无刻、整天整夜、每日每夜”,或者简单地用“一直”来表达。
October 19, 2012
说“想关于”,是不正确的。Just“想着” is OK 这句话中加入“都”会更正常一些: 1)我每天都会想他,一整天的想。 2)我每天都整日的想他。 或者更exaggerated: 我没日没夜的想他。
October 19, 2012
我每天全天都在想他。 You need 都 and 在 to make the sentence correct. 都 is to connect the sentence and 在 is used to describe a thing that you are doing. 想关于means 'to think about'. But it is not suitable to use here. For example, 我每天都在想关于学业的事情。 It means : I think about my academic everyday. Hope it helps you. Thank You.
October 19, 2012
October 21, 2012
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