Could you help me improve my graduate paper? In the following is one part of it: Abstract Jane Austen vividly depicts four marriages in Pride and Prejudice , Jane and Bingley’s happy marriage, Elizabeth and Darcy’s admirable marriage, Charlotte and Collins’s realistic marriage, Lydia and Wickham’s ridiculous marriage. Judging from these four marriages, we can draw a conclusion that it’s wrong to marry for property, money or position and also foolish to marry without thinking about those elements above. Sometimes marriage has to orient to reality. And we youth should make right marriage and love views. 1. Introduction Jane Austen was born in Hampshire, a country priest family located in Hants, the village of Kingston, Sidemen in north England. She was a beautiful, talented middle class woman with extraordinary temperament and good cultivation. Her six novels-Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), Emma (1816), Northanger Abbey (1818), Persuasion (1818) all describe more than marriage. In Pride and Prejudice, it describes four marriage altogether. The first one is of Jane and Bingley, which marriage was founded on the same interest and love. The second one is like that of Elizabeth and Darcy, which marriage was founded on the true love and genuineness absolutely. These two kinds of marriage belong to fortunate marriage. On the contrary, the marriage of Charlotte and Lydia was based on the economy or lust and it was the ridiculous and unhappy life. We can easily learn from her novel that a good match of marriage is critically important for young women of her time. This phenomenon was closely related with the British society and the status of women in the society. In the 19th century, comparing with the ones in the present society, women were not well respected. Between woman and man, there was no equality. In terms of intelligence and capability, women were considered to be inferior to men. It was their central life that women were forced to be staying at home. Their roles were to cope with the family affairs, such as taking care of the children and serving for the husband. The virtues of women were patience and tolerance. They must recognize their inherent inferiority to men, so they must restrict their abilities without conditions. Although the status of women was slow, few of them expressed dissatisfaction about their own destiny. At that time, many middle-class young women had three solutions: getting married; staying at home as old maids or working as the family female teachers. The income of family female teacher was very low, as well as the status. It was very difficult for them to change or separate this status. No one would like to be a maid forever, therefore, in terms of young women, especially those who don't have enough properties, getting married was the only way for them to gain respect, stability and social position. PS.Thank you for finishing reading it,if you can help me , there would not be enough thanks. If there is any need with your Chinese, I will provide help.
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