How to say "I love you people" in Spanish? Does "Te quiero gente" give sense!?
Oct 19, 2012 1:47 PM
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as simple as it sounds "Los quiero a todos"
October 19, 2012
FORMAL Amo a todos ustedes Me encanta todos ustedes TO FRIENDS amo a todos de vos I think this should be correct :) I stand ready for correction though :)
October 19, 2012
Hi it is better to say "I love people" and the meaning in Spanish it is Yo amo a la gente. I hope this answer it would be useful to you
October 19, 2012
I would say: ¡Gente, os quiero! o ¡Os quiero, gente! Aquí tienes una foto: http://desmotivaciones.es/3526402/Os-quiero-gente
October 20, 2012
Si dices una frase como ésta se sobreentiende que no estás en un contexto formal. Yo simplemente diría: Gente, ¡os quiero a todos!. On the other hand, you know there are differences between spanish from Spain and southamerican spanish, so it all depends on which kind of spanish you want to use. In spain, we will definitely say what I have just written unless you want to use it in a formal context. Hope it helps.
October 20, 2012
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